Meeting Minako (Part 2)

that they were safely inside the concert hall foyer. Security at the door had checked their tickets and they were now past the swarm of photographers. The pretty young intern was catching her breath, her heart racing. It had all been so unexpected and surreal. John laughed easily. “I have no idea. I guess they think the same thing I do.”

Day two of our mini vacation

I awoke I hurt all over. My wife, Ann, made me sleep in a chair by the bed. It was a great spot to view all the action last night, but not the greatest place to get some much needed rest. I was the first to awake. I looked over and saw Ann in the middle of the bed being spooned by Ben as she spooned Josh. I looked around the bedroom to see where

Cruise Ship Cuckold Ch. 06

are starting to enjoy this a little too much.’ We then finished dressing and went to dinner. After dining we went to the Wheelhouse Bar to enjoy some drinking and dancing. While we were dancing cheek to cheek Angel said, ‘I have never felt your bare face against mine before. It’s kind of nice, but I do prefer your snowy white beard. I prefer your

Lucys Tale (Part 7)

to Mike to tell him why I had just darted out of the room. He smiled and said I mustnt have closed the door properly. My mind was doing somersaults and I was a little torn, very confused and felt quite sick at the idea that we could have been caught. I dressed and made my way downstairs. As I set up the coffee maker for when the family got up, I

The Swans Neck: chapter nine

I simply said:'As it is God's will, so will His handmaid submit to it.'She smiled. She touched my heart with her balm. From that moment to this, I have never doubted. I do not know what it is I have never doubted; I have never asked. I leave that to men like my father, who can, and will, argue about the shape of the pinhead on which angels dance.

Plaything - Life C8

man then stuffed his ancient prick into the dish of shit and turned, pointing at the caked shaft. Jenny reached out and took it, turd squeezing between her fingers as she began to jerk him off. It wasn't going to take long, with him staring into her crap covered face. It couldn't have even been a minute, suddenly great gobbets of spunk was

She Just Couldn’t Resist

faster and Maggie could see Emily was fast approaching her orgasm. Maggie didn’t want that to happen. Not so soon. As quickly as she could, Maggie reached out and pulled Emily’s hand away from her pussy. Emily almost let out a cry of disappointment, of protestation, but she found Maggie smiling at her. Maggie held her hand and slowly wriggled

Helping out my room mate

Not one to judge, m'lady." "Don't tell anyone who doesn't know, OK? I'm not ashamed or anything I just don't like sharing it that much." "Of course," I agreed. "Just don't tell anybody about my Elmo pajamas." She grinned. "You look very cute in those." Louisa was beautiful. Like, really beautiful. I wasn't a slouch but she was one of those

Oh Mom You Didn’t

to be her first. However, we sure made out. We kissed, she gave me a few blowjobs, and I ate her pussy giving her a few orgasms.I was not looking forward to the drive home with Dad.Then Mom said, “Your father is flying home. We have to drive home alone. He has an important presentation to make and he says that he thinks better without us around.

AnimeCon Harem pt. 13

room. Where we can be alone, and the mood’s just right.“Emmie, I’m feelin’ pretty torn right about now actually,” Brian mused, his words snapping her out of her reverie. “On the one hand, I want to be able to hold this night over your head for years… but on the other hand, as your friend, I’ve also gotta stop you from embarrassing yourself too

Married Life-08

the tip of my tongue into her slit, after about half a dozen stokes my tongue was sliding in as far as I could stretch it and I had started to rim her beautiful bung hole, my god I love this woman and to make her cum is such a pleasure . Jan reached out and grabbed hold of my cock and gently began to stroke it I Manoeuvred myself so as to bring

Cardiac Arrest

found his usual stuff upper lip mentality fade. Maybe it was the drink, or maybe it was him getting high off the fumes of her intimacy. She stopped, pulling away, laying back and revealing her hairy, wet hole. He unbuttoned his shirt as she removed hers, showing the fine pair of breasts and rock hard browning nipples he had long since forgotten.

I Fucked My Roommate’s Boyfriend

rock hard. “Ooh, you’re stroking it so nice, now I want you to suck it,” he said. Just then, he rolled over onto his back and got a look at me. He was kind of groggy and he looked a little confused, but then a big smile came over his face and he said “Now I KNOW I’m dreaming!” I pushed the covers down and set my sights on his cock. I began to

Avatar : The Legend of Korra and the Immortal Avatar Part 2B

handle and a black hilted with a golden edges"Dude, thats worth alota money, you gona sell it?" Deks said curiously as he eyed up the sword"No" Raiden replied flatly as he turned to Deks and Mezra"It was my fathers, he gave it to me, I plan to keep it and use it, so dont get any ideas" Raiden said forcefully to make a point as he took off his

The Dancer 3

breath and started to pace again. "Every time I see you I have these feelings I thought I would never feel for a boy. It is so confusing." Jacob stopped pacing and just stared at the ground. " I was just using you to get my frustrations out, but then it went and got confusing. Just stay away from me for a bit. I don't want to see you or hear

A great new experience

a little work on it , and put it back on the market , for sale by owner. Several people looked at this property but none that seemed like they would make good neighbors for one reason or the other. Then one morning the doorbell rang , when I opened the door there stood a very professional looking woman in her mid to late forty’ s wearing a

After the Ball 2

I opened the door from his studio, into the corridor. ‘Wow! You look… stunning!’I smiled, blushing. My hair had cost a fortune, and I’d taken my time looking my best for him.‘Thank you, kind sir.’He hung his jacket up and slipped his shoes off, then took the two steps to take me in his arms and kiss me. His gentle hands held me tight to him. My

Weekend On The Lake

arms held me closely to his body. Shauna’s tongue worked on my clit like a butterfly fluttering all over it. My head snapped back, my mouth gaping open, and my ass rose from the sheets. “Ohhhhh … Ohhhhh … Yessssssss!” I cried out, feeling like I was going to pass out before the awesome orgasm finished rolling through my body. It was the most

My Boyfriend likes to expose me. Part 23

Jenny spread the word around their friends and work / university colleagues but I said nothing at work; I didn’t want any of my work colleagues there, and eventually the big evening arrived.Ryan picked the top that he wanted me to wear and guess what, it’s totally see through. Jenny borrowed another of my totally see through tops and that is all

Parker luck

Parker's hips in desperate motions, driven by all of the panicked, impatient heat and want that had taken hold of him and refused to let up. Watching them had worked him up hard and they were so eager to directly, explicitly tease him into new heights of frustration that he had barely been able to handle it. It left him hot, worn down, and

A different kind of love

sound seemed to be a little more precise in her head. Julie felt the need to go out and look for Brad but her gut instincts were telling her to stay put and let him find her.Brad watched over Julie the rest of the day until nightfall.  As soon as he knew she was asleep he stalked out from his hiding spot and breathed his hot breath across her

A Hidden Fire: Epilogue

chin and raised my eyes to his. My desire had turned to hunger, “Fuck me,” my tone urgent, “fuck me.” “Is that how you ask?” Anger rippled from him. Serpent like fear coiled around my lust and squeezed. Pain burned across my cheek as the back of his hand connected and a wave of pleasure exploded from my sex. I was coming but it was not enough,

Wife lets loose as husband gets caught being sucked

part of the couple experience I sometimes look for. It’s a much longer story…”She was a deer caught in the headlights with my story. I thought somewhat repelled but that was to be expected. After some awkward moments she ask somewhat rhetorically, “So it’s true, he (her husband) just wanted you to suck him off and this isn’t a relationship?”

Good Neighbours Ch. 1

my name while I emptied my balls inside of her, and she just walks back home like nothing happened, cum leaking out of her well-fucked pussy. I went into my bathroom and started the water in the shower running, letting it get good and hot. I need a quick shower, then maybe a nap, I thought. I stepped into the shower, letting the hot water pour

Fliss (The Deli Girl)

  Fliss could have run out of the door after him immediately and probably caught him on the sidewalk but something held her back.   She could have waited for him to call or come in the following day, but she instantly had a better idea.   The vision of the plan forming in her head made her smirk wickedly as she spread mayo onto some rye.   She

My Boyfriend likes to expose me. Part 19

in. I looked round to see if Ryan was on his way. He wasn’t so I nervously opened the door and walked in.The girl came over to me and introduced herself as Mia. She told me that she loved it there,“Great fun and a workout as well; and what’s more, I can just come here whenever I like; I never have to remember to bring any clothes to wear. They

The Rainy night

swept her up carrying her to the couch and I sat her on the couch and pulled her shirt off and dove between her legs licking and sucking on her pussy with a fury. Oh Bill you must be hungry she giggled . She was really wet today as her juices were running down my chin dripping onto the carpet as she moaned and ran her fingers through my

Deneuralized Pussy

into the blow job, moaning as she sucked on the large head of his penis and worked a reddened, stiff nipple at the same time. He closed his eyes, leaning back against the back of the couch as his southern delight massaged his member with her tongue and jaws with a practiced hand. "Okay, Billi it's your turn to do a little snake charming." Jo

Cordelias Feet 6 – The Queen Bees Play

location, your breasts bared and eyes blindfolded, on your knees and with the knowledge that something embarrassing is going to happen resonating inside you, your world becomes a maelstrom. Each little sound echoes around you a thousandfold louder, each little breeze that touches your skin is an approaching storm. Fear, excitement, trepidation,

Red Heels & Black Leather

about bringing a woman home before but tonight I was trembling as I fumbled with the lock. She giggled.I led her inside and told her to make herself at home as I went to get us a drink. I poured two glasses of wine and headed for the living room. She sat perched on the couch with her legs crossed and her red high-heel dangling loosely. I

The Ten of Them: Chapter 19

a hug and a kiss wishing them a happy and long marriage. Jeremy, Jerry Junior his wife and daughter Janet are next, followed by the entire town, and most of the County and a good part of the states judges and politicians. This near to the elections the politicians takes the opportunity to work the crowd. I remind them that they here for a wedding

Walking To Sex

playfully. ‘How can you tell?’ I said jokingly. ‘I think Percy has given the game away,’ Faye said, looking directly at the bulge in my shorts. She put some oil on my thighs and repeated her massage. At the top of my thighs, her fingers went into my shorts and brushed against my balls. I moaned with satisfaction. Faye then put her hands on

the girl across the street

back she jumped on the bed and snuggled up against me"i really like being here with you" she said softly"i really like being me. because i am here with you" i smiled at her. she looked at me and smiled. i kissed her passionately. we both kissed until Emily pulled away to breath"to much?" i asked her. he just looked at me and smiled again"im

Enemy Ch. 06

Dorian asked Dante and Davis. ‘No.’ Dante answered, Davis shook his head. ‘Davis check the labyrinth, Dante you check the stables.’ *** ‘I already put my family through enough, I betrayed them for you, so you could betray Me.’ he hissed, the feelings he thought he had buried were now raw. ‘I told you last time I saw you to stay away from me,

A Hole In One

it lightly, imagining your teeth, nibbling softly against it while you picked up the pace with your fingers.I began to flick my clit more vigorously, my body writhing under the water. “Cum for me baby,” I envisioned you whispering into my ear and my legs began to twitch beneath the bubbles. My breathing quickened as I muttered, “Oh yes baby, I’m

Sleeping Beauty [EDITED]

might have thought she was flirting, but I knew she was just trying to make me feel better. Then, she kissed me. Right on the mouth. It wasn’t a kiss of lust and passion, but one of tenderness and sympathy. Her lips were so... soft.."Come on Ryan, I can't stand it when your sad... You know I love you..." she whispered in my ear. "So don't be

Office Sluts Chapter Two: The Team-Building

went around the building. Carl was behaving very mysteriously, he checked whether we were followed by anyone and answered none of my questions. He stopped at the pool and said, “Listen up, you’re still new here, so I thought I will put you on to this. You don’t have to thank me, let’s say I’m doing you a favor. And when I need a favor, you will

Home alone

he continued to move down, until he met the outside of my pussy. Anxiously, I squirmed on the counter, as he teased my pussy, kissing each side, the top, the bottom. My breathing increase as I longed for his warm tongue to massage me. I moaned loudly when I felt him flick my clit with his warm tongue.“You like that?” He said with such an evil

The Tutor (Savanah and Josh, Part 1)

touching her instead. Her panties quickly became soaked as she fantasized the scene in her mind. She moved one arm under her shirt and pulled up her bra and began to fondle her breast squeezing her full breast and pinching her nipple back and forth. It wasn’t long until she had climaxed thinking about this new man that had enter her life

Let it Rain – 5

matching blue baby dolls. “Lover, we hope you got a lot of rest because the week is over and we have some catching up to do.” They each took an arm and led me to the glassed in room where I spent the first night with Mona. The lights were off and the room was softly lit with candles everywhere. “Naomi and Becka are gone for the weekend. The twins

Cormac & The Elder's Wand-1

Sir was a bit much. The group of older students who were sitting around where Charlie was sitting giggled at my obvious nervousness. “Missing anything?” he asked, still looking deadly serious, staring me right in the eye. I couldn’t think of anything I was missing and not able to find my voice, I shook my head. “I

Camping With Mom

gear. Everything was tucked neatly into our backpacks. We hiked for almost 4 hours when we noticed it was started to get cloudy. It was close to 4 in the afternoon and we decided it may be best to pick a spot to make camp. We still had another hour to walk before we got to our favorite fishing spot, but we thought it best to finish in the

Rattling Snakes Cage Ch. 11

up to the window to purchase the ticket on the next ferry to Calais. Rachel stood next to him, her heart beating in her chest, aware of the sight they probably made, Patrick still with the bruise by his eye, and the split lip, her looking dishevelled, her eyes red from crying. The girl behind the counter looked at them as she prepared the ticket

Sunshine After the Rain

the spare bedroom.’ Linda glanced through the window to where the rain was beginning to abate, though the darkness of the storm was now only giving way to the darkness of night. She answered for them both. ‘Thank you, we’d appreciate that.’ Between them they rustled up a makeshift supper of pork pie and salad and then settled back in front of the

My Gay Neighborhood

they told me they were gay, I acted shocked. But then I said that my brother and I would come to the treehouse that afternoon for our Orientation. Later, I told my brother what we were going to do and then we left. When we got there, Brad, Tom, Will and Nick were in the treehouse. When we got up there, all 4 of them were naked and our clothes

F.B.I.: It Means Female Body Inspector (Part 1)

Jay smiled. Her sass always turned him on. For a few fleeting moments, his mind wandered off to the first time she’d got exasperated with him and talked back. It had been one hell of a day that one, but her lip ended up making everything better especially as he had his dick firmly lodged in that 40-something old pussy. This sass play was

Life as Selena Gomez's Boyfriend

like a typical film director. After my work was done, I cooked some dinner and went to pick up Selena. "If you're waiting to pick up Selena, you can't wait next to the break area. said Tom.I sat on one of the couches. The stink of the set annoyed me. The attitude of Tom annoyed me.From my angle, I could see Selena as she was talking with her

A Surprise Encounter Ch. 01

my living room from my bedroom. ‘Maybe we should stick to phone calls and witty texts.’ I sigh disappointed and step towards her. I can smell her shampoo and my heart beats fast. I hear her breath labored as she begins to fidget nervously. She looks down so I talk into her hair. ‘Not yet. Stay but a little.’ I am quoting Shakespeare now, heaven

Daydreams of a Knight’s Wench

belt that morning, not because he feared that she would be tempted by other men but so that she would not be able to touch herself as she thought of what was to come when he returned. She was wearing a long dress of course – but under it, apart from the belt, she was naked as he had commanded. She had prepared their room of pleasure and knew that

Imogen – Chapter One

presence. Her luscious, pouty lips were enough to send me over the edge. A cliché I know, but it’s the truth.   She walked tall – even though she, herself was not – swaying her hips gently, almost not at all. Her shoulders sloped gracefully into her back, and her bum: round and supple. Her skin looked smooth and sun-kissed in the lighting of the

Her Victorian Bottom Plundered.

money markets. Such was his status, his advice was sought from wide and far on all matters related to the pursuit of wealth and financial contentment.He lived in a resplendent mansion in one of the most fashionable areas of Westminster where he indulged his public passions for art and fine literature. At the age of 50, he considered himself most

High school:Heaven or Hell (Intro no sex

myself to you readers. I'm 16 I'm 6 ft 4 in tall I weigh 170 but most of it's muscle, Green eyes, black hair, Glasses, I'm pretty strong I took out a 15 year old when I was 13 in a fight. black belt play hockey play guitar, (Here's what it looks like


punched a hole into the cartilage of Illaun's septum. My trainee's frantic screams were even intensified as said hole was fitted with a 6 gauge grommet. The ring through this grommet, resting heavily on her upper lip with its diameter of one inch, might look a bit freaky, but could take a lot of punishment.The nose ring was one way bringing

I Had Monday Off..

my panties, slipping your fingers underneath, quickly finding my pussy, its already dripping wet for you. I grind my ass into your groin, wiggling myself on your fingers. I feel your breath on my neck as your lips part in a smile in the realization that I am totally at your control. You pull away from me and take my hand, walking me towards our

At Last! For Two Friends Ch. 2

of her holding that beautiful body of hers against me. I hold her for what seems like hours until she calm down enough to let me go. ‘I am sorry for it being so late and waking you’ she say ‘I did not know where else to go. ‘ ‘Oh Rach’ I say ‘It’s OK. I am worried about you though. Wanna talk about it?’ ‘hmmmm OK, but first can I please have a

Life is Good Today

but I wouldn’t be able to play again. My dad and mom were at the hospital during the operation on my knee to make sure I was okay. We were talking about things back home and I asked about Jackie. She had kept in touch with my folks because they had sort of adopted Jackie while we were going together. My mom told me that Jackie was dating a nice

A Mother in law affair

at the gym and lost about 20 pounds leading up to the wedding. Since then, she’s been able to keep it off too. So, last week, my wife had to travel for work. Her traveling has increased significantly since we got married after she received a promotion at work. It has been an adjustment to say the least, we’ve argued more and more. I just like it

Conference Sex - Jenn's Story

the door."Squirming in Tim's embrace, she managed to turn enough to face the door again and clawed at her purse for the keycard. Tim's hands continued to explore her body, squeezing her ass, rubbing along her side and her belly, reaching up to cup her breast. She managed to get the keycard out of her purse around the same time he pulled her dress

Hans Und Greta

had been harsh that year.Greta still clung to the belief that everything would work out if they just remained patient and let the winds of fate decide their future. Hans scoffed at the idea just like he had rejected the inclination to trust the dreaded witch. He loved his adopted sister more than life itself but sometimes she was so irritatingly

The Sexy Secretary Gives at the Office

than mine?""No. I think your ass is nicer," he said.He reached out and felt my ass cheek like a man petting a puppy."Then why are you wasting your time wanting to give your cum to girls like her when you can give it to me, your horny secretary who wants all the cock you can give her.""Oh, I want to fuck you so bad," he said."Baby, every man

Dreams Sometimes Do Come True

go to the playground and watch Shawn play football and baseball. Back then, most everybody thought Shawn would go on to play professional football or baseball. He was that good! Through Billys eyes, Shawn was the pure vision of how a man should look. As he got older, he too adopted Shawns street name, referring to Shawn as Big Jack. Billy always

Grandpa and I Ch.2

been able to take me to this height, this completely. I was suddenly struck by a ball of lightning, or that is what it felt like. Pleasure was traveling through me and I couldn’t stop trembling. Six weeks had been so long. I shot to the peak, over and over, before shuddering down. “Again,” he murmured. He didn’t want me to catch my breath. When

Derby, Chapter 4

saw Christy's name on Derby's caller ID. Were there any other girls that called that you know about?”“Christy called about five times,” Martin said, and some other girl called two or three. Her name was Melissa.”“Any last names?” Mountain asked.“No.”“OK, well, you've been extremely helpful. Now that our frat brother Adam is staying here,

Hands On Studying

Come back here, I have an idea.” She made her way back into the room, walking towards his desk, “Really, you don’t need to do this. Go home, I will figure something out.” She continued so that she couldn’t hear the soft sound of the locking door. She finally stopped talking when she heard his voice and turned around. “Just say the word and I


vocalized. I pulled back and started to suck faster and faster to the beat of our song. Oh FUCK Taylor, it feels so fucking good&hellip, I think Im gonna cum! Just then, I swallowed his dick whole, and he came all along my throat and my tongue and I pulled his erection out of my mouth. I didnt know cum could be this tasty&hellip, I thought as I

Hungry for black cock

finger a little inside her clit while she was moaning AAAAHHHH... SSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... MMAAAAAAAAAAA... UUUUMMM... in pleasure. I tried to push my finger inside her further and kept rubbing her clit with my other hand. On further insertion, I felt signs of little pain on her face, but she did not stop me. Now I started a little to and fro

Xavier Drifts

two have added a good little chapter to the story of my life and I’m grateful for it.’ Alan drove off and vehicles whizzed by, a couple of drivers tooted at Xavier but didn’t stop. Finally a guy in early 1990s long-bed GMC Sierra 1500 loaded with sawn firewood stopped, rolled down the passenger window and yelled, ‘Where are you heading son?’

Emma Ch. 44

of erect penises in the magazines in her parents’ shop and she’d even once seen an erect penis that some horrid man had shown off to her while she was walking home. But she’d never seen one tattooed so blatantly across anyone’s face! So, Amna had been right to say that Fluff was a cock-fancier. Dalitha was introduced to Fluff by Salim who was

How Did It Come To This? Parts III & IIII

have them now!" I say and chuckle a bit more. "Why are they hot?" She asks. "Food is better warm in most circumstances. Have you never had warm food?" I reply. "Not that I can remember, I always have to hunt for my food." She tells me. I remember that she told me she never had money. The microwave beeps and I take out the chicken, setting it on

No attention

had come from the corner of my bedroom. I quickly turned on my bedside lamp and there sat Caleb in the corner of my room rubbing his 7 inch cock right in front of me. He didnt even miss a beat when I turned on the lamp. I told him to stop and getdressed and leave my bedroom or at least i thought i had said that. There was no sound coming from my

New Years Eve

later, with any amounts of thoughts running through my head, we arrived over at Andy's. The door was slightly ajar so we let ourselves in. Andy was already sat on the sofa in the lounge. Lin told me to pour her a whisky, leaving me to go into the kitchen while she joined Andy in the lounge. A glance at the kitchen clock showed the time as five to

Women of Miklavik Ch.01

and huge firm breasts, to Uve’s widened eyes.“Suck them!” She pressed her husband face against her breasts.Uve ran his tongue up over her big nipple and wrapped his lips around it.“Yess!” Unna pressed her husband hard against her chest as he sucked on her tit.“Oh yes!” She grabbed her husband loose arms and pulled him out. A suckling pop was

Seans Story: Chapter 4

in there. Sadly that was not the case. Caseys parents took it upon themselves to welcome the newest neighbors to our small community and Casey was required to go along with them. He hit it off with Josh pretty quickly and thus it was through him, at least initially, that I learned everything I knew about Josh. He liked him a lot. He said he was

in school

eyes got wider so def no hes was looking up there at my lil white thong. With that i slumped down on my chair and my skirt rode up my leg giving him a better view i could feel my pussy geting wet at this point. i put my hand up and asked to go to the loo he said yeah wich i new because you have to let girls go because of well you no.I grab my bag

Seeking My Revenge

my surprise, silly! You’re going to watch me get fucked by him. Since I had to see my hussy of an ex best friend fuck you. I mean, it’s fair, isn’t it? If you want me back, this is how you earn it. Understand?” “Are you fucking serious, Abby? Come on! When I said anything, I didn’t mean this shit. Untie me, let me go!” Matthew demands. “If I

Blind Violation

* * * * Amber tried to listen, to get a bearing on her surroundings but therewas only silence. She could hear a small amount of noise but that was it. "Get down on your knees." a voice commanded. Amber did as she was told, dropping down awkwardly to

Hypnotic Adventures of Cinderella Ch. 01

it’s a school.’ ‘You’re in college?’ the woman asked, concerned. ‘You’re a student?’ Cindy squirmed. A button popped loose on her blouse. ‘I’m in high school. The Arms Academy is an orphanage. I’ve lived there my whole life.’ The woman gawked for a moment, then looked down and searched the form frantically. ‘I didn’t put in a question about age,’

If Only… Pt. 02

she have possibly have been here before? She didn’t even remember arriving here. And as she walked around the room, sipping from the water bottle in her hand, she couldn’t help but be curious. There were not any windows. The lights were set bright enough to be able to see comfortably but still dim enough to create a calm and relaxing feel to the


words are exchanged, but you look at me directly again in silent enquiry. I bite my lower lip in sudden nervousness, for this step is irrevocable – and I somehow know, far beyond even the importance of the physical change, that if I give myself to another woman now, I will want only women for ever more. I suppress my sudden unworthy doubts and

The Aftermath 5

probably crippled our shields, they'd have had a chance." Amber grabbed Jim's face kissing him, then she leaned over and whispered, "Jim you need to get ahold of this anger, you're going to get us killed, you'd never fallen for a trap like that before you found out what you did. Go rest and rethink all this ok?"Jim looked at her strangely then

Christmas party fun

fill up my ass with his load. To my dissapointment he pulled out and shot his load all over my wifes tits who was standing next to him. Seeing that i shot the biggestload of my life all over my pantyhose everyone clapped. Mike said he wanted to keep my ass clean for the next my mind was in a daze did he say what i thought he said?

Dawn reborn

It was softly probing at her magic spot, the spot that she could find easier than Regan ever had-- her clit. Wow, such delight as his finger tip worked over it with delicate circling movements.Dawn’s hand had gripped Jack’s erection, and given what he was doing to her clit, she was wondering whether it might be time to encourage him towards an

Finally Alone

before the need in me took over and I started moving my hips up and down with more purpose, harder and faster. The angel on top is perfect and almost always makes me cum. On this big cock it was a given. I kept moving through it, feeling me soak his big dick under me. At the end of it, I fell forward on him, exhaused from the ride and the

Step Dad's Dating App 4 - Rick's Dream

asleep and she stopped moving her hand after a moment before starting up again after I move my fingers over the top of her pussy.We were waking each other up by touching each other."mmm What time is it?"She asked"Almost 7""mmm Good. Enough time. If we hurry a little"I could hear her smile as she said itI started thinking about my dream as I

Seducing Gary - Part One

and I gripped his cock tight in my lips. A short time later he leaked in my mouth. I felt him tense up and he shot a huge load in it. I drank every drop. I took his limp cock out of my mouth and kissed him. He tasted his cum mixed with my saliva, and moaned. I knew I had him where I wanted him. He took over and mimicked what I did to him. I loved

Me and My Best Friend

He started puberty before me. At about 12, he started getting some pubic hair. I fell behind a little at this point, but a few months later I had some too. We weren’t quite at the point of being particularly horny yet though. This followed at about 14. We always had sleepovers too. They were great fun. My first sexual experience was at one of

Deal with the devil 2

The wolf is wildly humping at me, clawing my sides, and his thrusts force us out from behind the boulder. I hear immediate gasps as children and adults are suddenly aware of what is happening, and I laugh to myself at the faces of some of the parents. Some are horrified that their children are seeing this, others stare rudely, but I


would make her beholden to him. Her stroking blurred all the angles. Absently, his regret vague, Cuniff approved. Beryl ceased working his meat over and kissed him. Not a cheek peck, but one full on the mouth passion exchange. This gesture further raised his suspicions. Beryl was not into such overt displays of affection. Especially in a site as


tits. She would sigh real big and then always had an itch between her legs. Up came her night gown a little, and she would reach under it and scratch? I couldnt see but I could tell she was rubbing her clit. A slow finger movement that took a long time to scratch? No way, she obviously was rubbing her pussy. One time she said: Now dont look. I

Undercovers Detective - chapter 4

place and fuck your brains out!" Frank smiled. "Hmmm... Do you know if they have Lasagne?" she asked with a grin. -oOo- The restaurant was crowded with several parties waiting to be seated when they arrived. Frank slipped the host a ten and went to the bar to pick up something for them to drink while they waited. He returned with two glasses of


when Kai was needed by his country and was asked to volunteer as an officer. After that he came to the U.S. to visit her, though his family have fought on with the U.S. military, Kai Espiritu remained devoted to their home country and after his six years of service, he then joined Colonel Marcus Dangal and his Rim-Cats, hence the Ghost is born.

Sweetest Surrender

watching her face tingle red from exertion and frustration as the rope around her throat tightened. Twenty or so seconds of determined struggle had the rope quite tight around her windpipe, but she continued her dedicated efforts until her face was flushed dark rage and oxygen deprivation. She wrapped her freshly shaven legs around his thighs,

firecracker ch.2

much more quickly than she expected. "please.." she gasped "please not there, it hurts so much.' i pulled my finger out, happy to hear her finally speek. 'please,' she cried 'just not there.' my finger was still clean to my surprise, and i took my other hand to lower her back and push up her ass so i could get a better look at her tiney

Angela Gets a Promotion– (Part 11 of the Angela series)

She closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. “What are you thinking of my little slut? Are you imagining me fucking you?” Angela reddened at how transparent she must be. “Uhh, no Master. I am just pleased to hear from you.” “Don’t lie to me.” “Uhh, no Master. Sorry. Yes, I was thinking of you fucking me.” “That’s better. You must never lie

I had No Choice 3.5

the other thrust it in and out of my desperate pussy hard and fast. I started cumming buckets of cum all over my sheets in no time, but I just couldn’t stop thinking of my lover in my arms, thrusting into me over and over, still unsatisfied.I didn’t let up on my burning bush, stabbing into it again and again with the electric phallus until I’d

Starship Starbride (Chapter Three)

position to free her arms, and instinctively struggled to get out from under whatever was crushing down on her. With a desperate shove, she extricated herself from beneath something warm, and gasped for a deep breath, feeling aches and pains all over her body as her lungs filled with air again. Shaking her head to clear her senses, Sally finally

Foster Daddy for my Birthday

was throbbing and red. Clifford seemed to become overwhelmed with pleasure as he put a pillow over his face to muffle his moans. I was so turned on I could feel my pussy becoming so wet it was begging for Clifford. I laid back on the other side of the couch and spread my legs wide so that he could see all of me. Clifford, I want you to lick my

The Clouded Cloth

We walked down the hallway in silence. When we got to the room we both put on our underwear. I slipped on one of his old t-shirts, and he slipped on a nightshirt. He cut the small TV on, and the evening news show was on. We watched in silence for a couple of minutes, as the weatherman tried to make jokes about the sorry weather we had been having

Daughter's Incestuous Therapy 6: Family's Incestuous Therapy

my whole body. I pressed down on my daughter's crotch, feeling my husband spurting in her. The warmth. The heat. The pleasure. “Goddamn,” Martin groaned, his face twisting. “Shit, that's good.”“Uh-huh,” I whimpered. The pleasure carried me higher and higher. I soared into such wonderful heights of ecstasy. I groaned, my tits heaved as my orgasm

A Friend in Need

I needed sex again and he couldn't do it for me, I'm so fucking happy you are here.” “Believe me Shelly, I'm fucking happy to be here for you.” I bumped my hips which drove my relaxing cock into her until our groins bumped, I could feel my discharge seeping from her, dripping along my prick to my nut sack. She pushed up and looked down to where

Hypnotizing Nancy Ch. 01

tee doesn’t pull up? I don’t want the guys to get an eye full.’ There it was. Even with all his study Danny was amazed that it had worked. Nancy had just asked her sister to help her take her top off in front of them. Oh my God it was actually going to work. He began to feel himself stiffen in his pants as Janey moved over to her sister and

January 1971 in Detroit

they didn’t want to fight.’ I watched Jim shake. It was just a tiny twitch in his face. That is if you didn’t know him. I was debating whether to let him blow or not. I decided not to. ‘Tell you what, I want to be on a plane out of here early tomorrow. You get us in early and we will tell our story.’ ‘Good for you,’ he said as he left. ‘Which

Good Morning - Round 2

it in place as he squeezed. He tugged at my nipple, then released his hand only to bring it back down with a smack! He slapped my breast again, releasing yet another head spinning orgasm. "Oh fuck me..." I groaned. I could hear the wetness of my cunt as I was being pounded by him. This is what I needed, to be fuck relentlessly. I needed a good,

My Sister the Camslut Pt 2

rub my sopping wet pussy."Fuck Becca. That was hot, and fast!""Yeah, I knocked before I finished earlier. Rookie mistake""No kidding" Chloe said, as she again slowly sat down on the bed. Her eyes had moved from my gaze and she was now just watching my hand move in little gentle circles over my clit, lips and hole, moving effortlessly through the

Online Slave Market (fixed)

me.-No, please!-Babydoll I said that tonight we are gonna focus on you. I need to hold myself until tomorrow but you didn’t have even one orgasm until now.I stopped groping her and grabbed her hands in one of mine. Then I started to insert vibrator. After all was in I put in on medium.-Ohhh! no no no no! Ohhh! sniff please! stop! ohhh!Seeing that

I think I may regret this Part 2

noticed my erection growing, bending down to address him she giggled, "Sorry Henry, but you're going to have to wait. I want your daddy's tongue."She dropped her panties, climbing onto the bed. Wiggling her ass at me she propped up the pillows then laid back waiting for my arrival. Her legs splayed open she used her index finger to beckon me to

Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires - Chapter 18 - The Party

got a little present for you… A congratulations if you will’ he continued as George handed him a small perfume bottle.‘What’s this then?’ Harry replied, wondering what new and interesting product the twins had come up with next. He turned the bottle around to see that the label was completely blank, with no markers at all.‘Draco Malfoy is a

Thanks Be

a mirror, so I could see for myself.’ ‘I’ve got one I use for shaving. On those days when I bother.’ She had me hold it while she postured, trying to get a full view. ‘Is that really me? I look quite good.’ It must be instinctive. Maroon a girl alone on a desert isle and she’d still be concerned about her hairdo and the size of her bust. She

The Computer

excitement. What was she doing? I started getting short clips in my head. My wife wearing nothing but boots and a cowboy hat riding a well hung man in a hotel room. Her thighs grinding against his sides, working his cock up and down in her hole. I got hard at the thought. Katie in some dingy back alley on her knees sucking a guy off. What had she

Deneuralized Pussy II: Fresh toppings

"Yes, you. How old are you anyway, 17, eighteen?" "Just turned sixteen." She blushed at his embellishment, but was appreciative nonetheless. "They should be ready any minute." He promised, handing her a digital camera and admiring her thin waist and firm buttocks. He walked over and opened the door a crack, peering inside carefully.

The Beach Scene

As I watched them, I realized my hand was rubbing my ever hardening dick. It was only a few minutes before Linda and her stud came out of the water. They were holding hands as Linda lead him onto shore. His cock was rock hard and stood at a forty-five degree angle from his body. Once onshore Linda dropped to her knees and began to

College Girl 2

a moment, then he banged the dildo into her a couple times. “Fuck!” Paul smiled, “OK... No more slut talk. But you can't deny how good that feels.” He started pumping it in and out gently. Trish's legs wobbled and she joined the rhythm, “Yeah...” Paul changed his tune, he had other plans, “This whole thing got on my nerves. I got excited and


situation develops further. I am pretty sure Jim will be thinking the same. I look at Jim and smile. Jim smiles back. I now know 100% he is thinking the same as me and hopes we both end up fucking you. You dance seductively to the music. You still have your coat on. Every now and again you open the coat and flash your sexy body at us. You

Mashed Potatoes and Garlic Bread

wife had him excruciatingly hard, and he knew she knew it. Her hand slid down his chest and cupped him through his jeans, gently squeezing as they kissed. He growled deeply, picking her up further and setting her on the butcher’s block. Then he parted from the kiss. Her lips were red and swollen, and his heart thudded with the male pride. A small

Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 36

was just ignoring it and the thought made him smile. People didn't call her the "fearless leader" for nothing, but he knew she had her anxieties. He imagined that it wasn't too different from when he'd started in the NHL. He remembered how excited and nervous he'd been as he'd at last put on the sweater for an NHL team, and it was hard to say now

Oregon Coast Ch. 04

but if they had any brains they wouldn’t be skinheads.’ ‘Are those guys always like that?’ ‘Best people I’ve ever known, but we didn’t survive Afghanistan to take crap from punks like that at home. They would have done the same for anyone else at that table.’ I motioned the girl aside. ‘Look, I don’t want to put a damper on your friend’s

Craigslist Chronicles Ch. 04: Alex

up around 10 AM, Alex was still passed out on the bed. I threw on some sweatpants and a T-Shirt and ran down to the lobby to grab two cups of coffee along with a few pastries.Upon re-entering the room, Alex was still sprawled out on the bed, dick hanging out from under the sheets. Setting the coffee down on the table, I slowly and quietly got

Long Arm of Discipline-Part 11

me. He put the tip of his tongue on my asshole and gently licked it. I was uncomfortable with it at first, but I slowly began to enjoy it. The tip of his tongue probed my asshole and I was feeling a different kind of pleasure. I allowed myself to relax and enjoy it. Now I knew why he loved it so much when I did it to him. He slipped his hand

Titcage (Chapter 35)

Afterwards they completed the run nude, in the Fucktoy position, squeezing their tits and fingering their pussies as they jogged. People looked at them disapprovingly, mumbling "slut" and "whore" but the girls were horny and in pain and not thinking clearly so they barely noticed.It was during the last week of training that Claire was first

The Key is a Lonely Teacher

sweetie, let’s get going.’ I took the child’s hand and took a quick look at her stunning father one more time. ‘I’ll meet you here after school, right Nathan?’ ‘I look forward to it.’ He said giving me that look once more, how I stayed standing I’ll never know. He knelt down and wrapped Allie in a hug, while innocent I was a little jealous of

The Flame

first thing I ever attempted to write. I never changed this one because it was my first as you would say, lol.   : The way we look at each other with a burning intensity, or the way you hold me close and kiss my lips softly at first, passion increasing to a raw burning hungry desire.  Tongues entwined with each other, tasting each other, feeling

Shall We Play? Part 2

her tits. The V-cut panties she was wearing didn’t cover much at all and nothing in the back.Alissa danced her way to me while Russell’s wife danced to him. She would have put the best stripper to shame, at least in my opinion that night. “You look smokin' hot, babe,” I whispered to her.She mouthed back to me that she loved me. Just then Amanda

Part 46 of the Adventures of John and Holly: A Walk In The Park

before we left. “It’s so weird to be here, and there is no one else here.” I said. There is something quite peculiar about a place that you only know as bustling, to be completely empty. “Ya, it sure is quiet” Holly said. “We wouldn’t want to ruin that would we?” Holly said provocatively. Holly handed me the sandwich wrapped in foil. We ate in

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 07

her two piece. “That may satisfy his curiosity,” she thought as she studied the reflection of her unfettered breasts in the mirror. At the last minute she panicked. “I don’t want to mess it up. If I come out topless, the first night I visit, he’ll think I’m a slut.” “It’s not worth it, I won’t take a chance,” she said speaking to her topless

No Slave To Destiny

from a treatment standpoint,’ he continued. ‘I’ve been in touch with Oncology at the hospital. Surgery doesn’t appear to be an option I’m afraid.’ ‘I see,’ said Peg quietly. ‘Then what’s left?’ ‘Chemotherapy is the standard,’ he replied. ‘Followed by a course of radiation. We can perhaps slow the cancer down somewhat, but that’s likely all we can


for much longer. By now I had already given her multiple orgasms and it was my turn. I leaned back, picking up her hips so I had a better angle. It wasn’t a few moments later that I could feel myself getting close. Kara was panting. Her breath was coming out in ragged gasps and I could tell she was getting close as well, but I couldn’t last

Sondra Meets A New Lady Lover

on my fingers again, leaving me more excited than I thought I could ever be.Sondra surrounded each of my nipples with all her fingers, delicately teasing them even more than I thought possible.‘Do you like watching me lick your fabulous tits?’ I was almost screaming at her, for her to suck them some more as she started to lick and suck on them

A Naked Surprise From Girlfriend to Girlfriend

over your thighs. My right hand rests between your legs, and I push it sideways against your clit. Your body shakes again. “Baby, I can’t stand up if you do that.” You squeeze some soap into your hands and rub it over my chest. My nipples harden under your gentle fingertips. I watch the stream of water clean the suds from my body and I feel my

Hornet’s Nest Ch. 01

Stop being difficult. Now what was that physics assignment you’ve still not handed in?’ Could always trust Tyler to say it how it was. He didn’t take bullshit. But then, neither did my father. I wonder why I listened to him and not to Dad, when they said the same things. Maybe it wasn’t a fair field to judge – whenever something fun happened

Gateway of the Mind

dead spouses and parents would have known. At this point, a sizable portion of scientists left the study. After a week of conversing with the deceased through his thoughts, the subject became distressed, saying the voices were overwhelming. In every waking moment, his consciousness was bombarded by hundreds of voices that refused to leave him

Youre Joking.. Right?

he wasn’t interested in when she matter-of-factly delivered the bombshell.Ashley just grinned wickedly when she told him. She looked smug and superior, but she also knew things about Brad. She knew he thought she didn’t know about it, because she hadn’t mentioned it in the month that had passed since it happened. She knew that he would be shocked


tried to avert my attention, but she sparkled in the August sunlight. My wife and I were greeting our new neighbors shortly after the moving van pulled away on Friday. They were from Connecticut, an attractive couple with a high-school daughter that was a heavenly vision.It was the coquettish way she delighted in the effect she had on me that let

Amanda the hotwife

more that have intercoursein the missionary mission. Amanda tried to have oral sexwith Dan just once and was so disgusted with the entireprocess that she nearly threw-up. Dan quit trying tocoax Amanda into being more adventurous in bed aboutfive years ago. After reading Chole’s tales of sexualdepravity with Dan, Amanda knew the reasons why.“And


never took my clothes off last night.""Come to Daddy." Still lifeless, Jeff cuddles close to Sean. "Why don't you go to the bathroom, Jeff. Then we'll cuddle again.""I can wait. You know, ever since God spoke through me, terrible things keep happening to me.""Yes, my father says that happens often. Spiritual warfare.""I don't understand.""Well,


hand and started to stroke it then started to suck it and rub Steves bum at the same time after a few minutes Steve pulled his dick out and shot his cum in 5 long spurts then walked back to his clothes wiped his dick and dressed. Mark could hardly believe what had happened. At the station Steve got off the train to be met by his girlfriend they

My first Sapphic love

doubt, on my part, exhilarated by what I'd discovered in myself. Even though my initial desire had dissipated, I wanted more. I turned to her and started kissing - her lips, her chin, her breasts and stomach. As I worked my way down her body, I felt the ripples of wanting rise in her. By the time I reached her clitoris, she had her hands on the


based on fact (as best as I can remember – events that were unexpected, special and unforgettable) with interwoven fiction. It spans a number of yearsBACKGROUND TO OUR STORY………. It was 1992 when my family moved to live close by to my cousin Lila, who was about the same age. My name is Jonathon but my family has always called me Johnny. Our

Eleven Orphan Daughters Ch. 02

her mates and even some anger at his failure to come home. But no one seemed to care. Lelani’s massage gave the first indication that things may have changed. She very deliberately licked her lips as her hands dwelt between his legs. Pansy too showed renewed interest. Her body language indicating that she wanted to be more than friends. As the

Runner Girl Ch. 12

laughed and said that was one of the many things he loves about me.’ Anne laughed and shook her head. ‘What?’ ‘Amy, you don’t need to worry about John and what he does with his money.’ ‘But Anne, he is so wasteful! And that was the second time he paid someone off just because it was easier. First Keith, and now this Sarah women. I mean, I

Maple Heights - Chapter Three

Philippa senseless. As my grandma used to say, hope springs eternal.3‘You are officially one hundred percent forgiven, Millington,’ Philippa announced. ‘Lunch was absolutely divine and the seafood platter was to die for, thank you.’Millington scooped up the last of his crème brulee and took a sip of water. ‘I aim to please Philippa. You should


by throbs that expelled clear juices from my slit with each pulse.Seeing my reaction to this, Frank took his right hand and rubbed the jet black flappy wings that serve as privacy curtains, guarding the entrance to my cunt. His hand glided effortlessly my flesh and goose bumps immediately raised on my mahogany skin."Now then, let's have a look at

Catholic School

over a check for my tuition. Then Dad was escorted out to his car. Sister Mary Margaret took me to my first class.Sister Mary Margaret was young and had a pretty face, what you could see of it that is. She appeared to be in her mid-twenties. She even made that penguin outfit look good. I wondered if she had taken a vow of silence until the bell

At the Barbican

a bit early for my train, so I headed for the bar for a nightcap before starting the trek home. After all, I had nothing to go home for, as I was again single, after two failed marriages, caused in all likelihood by what had been a rather obsessive workaholic life. After my last divorce, I had deliberately changed things, difficult though it

The Rape Run

the garment gapes open.“This way,” one of them says to Ja-alixxe, making no comment at the bounty hunter’s strange appearance.She prods me once with the tip of the baton to keep me advancing, but to my relief it isn’t switched on. With the jingle of steel I hobble onwards to my doom.In this slow fashion we move further and further away from

Matilda in the sand

and pelvis in time to make the most of the Ahmed’s persistent thrusting. As it is her way, Matilda marks her pleasure points with loud cries that normally go to full blast at her peak. This time there is also strange happy high-pitched yodelling rising from the women down in the lounge, in sympathy with hers. So in this way the house, and the

Right Next Door

grinned, his eyes focused on Natalie in the distance. She was so damn cute when she got mad at him. For some reason, there was something about her that day. Maybe it was the way the breeze blew, lifting her long strands of auburn hair. It may have even been the way the sun glistened within her baby blue eyes, or the glow of her rosy red cheeks.

The Kennels

up. “These are the keys to the chastity belt,” Emma teased, waving them in front of Kate. Emma then pulled up her already short skirt and slowly tucked the keys inside the crotch of her black knickers. She then pulled her skirt back down and smoothed it with her hands. It felt weird having a woman lock her into chastity, particularly when the

How I Won Back My Wife (Chapter Two)

the cheek of her ass.“Damn it, Noel! What’s wrong with you.” She turned, and getting up from the, began to search for clothes. “I have told you that I hate blowjobs and anal.”I sat there naked as I watched her dress as she went to the bathroom to take a shower. I grabbed my boxers and trousers and began to dress. I was boiling with anger from

Revenge, Pt 11: The Questions

tongue, which was an interesting sensation. I felt her roll her tongue around the tip after I'd finished, cleaning every drop before she swallowed."Good girl." I said lazily.There's really nothing like a long, slow blow-job to just take every ounce of anxiety and stress out of your body."Thank you, Sir." she said, still holding my cock.I

First Time Internet Hookup, Ch 2

you love my cock," Tom started. "Take it deep. Take it so deep inside of you. You love it, don't you? You're gonna let me fuck you any time I want, aren't you? Tell me." "Yes," I replied."Yes what?""Yes, I love it. Yes, you can fuck me again," I answered. "Damn it, fuck me!"It really did feel amazing. His hard cock rubbing my prostate, his

Truths and Betrayals of a Young Mans Heart Chapter 10 Final

of who my dad was when he was my age. Its October and the leaves are turning more. Will and Dusty are on patrol like I am , but I took a break since nothing was happening at the moment. Car 5, car 5, Officer Cartwright you there? A familiar voice comes over the radio I pick up the mic and answer. Yes Sheriff Connors Car 5 here. I answer back

Medical Test at the State Fair

had a big sign on it that said “Prostate Cancer”. Being a male in college, I was curious about it. I was greeted by a woman who gave me some literature and told me I could get a free blood test and exam if I filled out a questionnaire. The questionnaire was very easy to fill out, and it asked me a lot of questions about going to the bathroom at

Dad caught us.

She was smiling as our daughter was fingering her cunt, rubbing her hand over her bush and exploring the pink folds underneath. She kissed her lips one more time before starting a journey down her body with her lips. My wife's large nipples got rock hard in Megan's mouth when she sucked them one by one. She especially looked like she was in

My Friend’s Chubby Mother

of your joy stick”. Before I knew it or could speak, she held my cock in one hand, and the other on my thigh. She slowly started to rub my cock up and down, back and forth. I started to realise how sexy this lady was. Her thick hands were working hard, and she would often close her eyes, as she rubbed. I was at full erection, and helped her by

Naughty Weekend

"She always seems so business like." "Yes," Vivian laughed. "She is actually a complete slut!" We all settled down to watch the action being played out on the TV. Sue and David were sitting on the couch while Vivian and I sat in armchairs. David and myself were still naked, while Vivian was still dressed in her work uniform of a long skirt and

My Mistress, My Lover: Ch. 1

in any way they wanted. On the other side of the glass was a small room with everything a fancy client would need to take care of business. These men were usually important, and didn't want their faces to be seen in a strip joint. I stepped into the box wearing my sexy little outfit, now knowing why my mistress had picked such a sexy and

Our first, unplanned, group sex

We were making good money, and enjoying the life. One evening I joined Kelly while she was working, and after she finished we tried our luck at the roulette table. Maybe it was the cheap booze, or just plain stupidity, but we ended up losing heavily, more than we could pay. As it happened the manager of the place at the time was a decent chap,

Lost and Found

feeling my cheek blushing. The woman was wearing only a t-shirt and judging from the tiny nubs poking through the thin fabric, she wasn't wearing a bra. My cock throbbed painfully with need of release.She went to the coffee table where the remote control was and bent down to retrieve it. As she did so, the hem of her t-shirt was hiked up above

Claudia Incarnata...Part III

he cast his eye to the distant side of the courtyard.“No, I don’t.” She wanted to add, but now I’m not sure that you don’t.“It is a pity; he is a truly great performer.”Barricelli said nothing further; instead he changed the subject.I knew your grandmother; I met her once or twice. She loved our concerts and was a regular subscriber, but

Daddy's Big Debt

to do with her. Still filled to the back of her throat with manmeat, she struggled and tried in vain to close her pussy. But it had been mercilessly ripped wide open by these fuckers, and there was no way out of. He laughed once and drove his spike into her well-used cunt. "Gawwd!" he groaned. "You've taken seven loads of cum and you're

When The Truth Hurts – Chapter 7

He was wishing them good luck in life. There was no mention of anything, not even about the key. She could not count the number of times that she had gone through the letter. Without a clue, she would be unable to take her next step. The image of Nathan Meyer kept flashing back in her mind. It was preventing her from thinking properly. She

Marcus, Marie, And Robert Makes Three

ends, supported by Robert's hands under my tits, Marcus's hands on my hips, and two rigid cocks pumping me, as I came, clamping down with mouth and cunt, and feeling two explosions as cum surged into me at both ends.I was lowered to the ground as the lads pulled out of me, and I could feel the cum dripping from my well-fucked pussy, running down

My Good Friend Pete

du pape, my favourite." Vicky told him it wasn't to be opened until his birthday. This didn't stop him from opening his card. "Aww sweet." He gave Victoria another kiss, and invited her to sit down at the kitchen table. Vicky asked where everyone was, and was slightly unnerved to find out that she was alone with the guy from her fantasies.

Thoughts of Her

past his mind’s eye and he savoured the sights, shivering slightly at the feelings those images inspired. As he aimed his car down the winding single track road to their house, braking harshly at one point to avoid flattening a pheasant strolling nonchalantly across the concrete, he found that his daydreaming had instilled an urge in him. “Hmm,

The War Against Sociopaths

me a threat to their power, and I knew better than to come after them. I didn’t set out wanting to fight the Agents of Darkness. I just wanted to atone for what I’d done. That’s partly why I came to Toronto, Ontario. Growing up in Los Angeles, California, all I heard from my father was lousy things about his side of the family. With the exception


The echoes are deafening. You roughly flip me over on all fours and drive into me from behind. You place one hand on my shoulder and the other hand has a firm grip on my tit. You pull me back onto your cock in the same motion that you thrust forward. I reach through my legs and feel my own pussy juice leaking down my thigh. I put my fingers down

Bedroom Pet

deeper into her mouth while her mind went deeper into trance. As the last of the appendage’s tip sank into her body, Jennifer’s mind-blowing orgasm finally faded. Monica watched and waited. Jennifer jerked occasionally as the remnants of her consciousness fought back, resisting being controlled, but it was useless. Her fate was sealed forever.

Fiona's & Alice's loyalty rewarded with a special party

knickers were now, let us say, totally see through because the animals had just tore a hole in the gusset area. Her cunt had three of Ray’s fingers deep inside it whilst Mark was reaching down to rub her throbbing clitoris. Further up her body Robbie was sucking and pulling on her wonderful pink nipples which had made them point up towards the

Cassie Pt. 4

breath. She turned the car back on and pulled away.After a minute of recuperating, I buckled myself to make sure she wouldn’t do it again. I had to admit, it was a big turn-on. But now I felt a bit shaky after being deprived of oxygen. She scrolled through her MP3 player and picked a classic rock song she knew I liked. I appreciated it, but

Help from my sister 3

have another hug and kiss first," Judy asked."Yes of course," I replied.Then we hugged and kissed again and we went out to my car to make the trip back to Bill's place. We made it there in about 15 minutes and Bill was not there when we arrived. But I went up to the door and it wasn't locked. So we made it quick and just gathered her clothes and


sensual-feeling palms revolved faster on the aroused nipples, sending electric waves down to her aching clit. Then as the finger tips once again circulated around her breasts, her breathing slowed, her body relaxed, waiting for the next sensual stimuli. It came when those sensitive, delightful finger tips began dancing on the sensitive areas of

Dynamic Duo Pt. 04-05

the groom had to pay, China, too. He’d be set for life. Tyrone slept. He dreamt of the life he was meant to have. He would finally get his dream. The next morning, the managers of the hotel bang on his door. He had to go. Not to be outdone, Tyrone went to the shelter. He settled in as he met with the other residence and the manager reminded them

Brother and Sister Part 4

worried that she be mad at him again.“Daddy it’s OK, I wanted you to come on my face.” Holly said smiling with cum dripping of her face onto her young breasts.Josh started laughing and said, “Sis, you look so sexy covered in cum, it’s called a facial.”“So that’s what the girls at school were talking about, I heard them talking about facials.”

A Sauna in Steamboat Springs

at the condo with me. I tried to dissuade him, but he was adamant; he was staying back at the condo to make sure I was not lonely while his father and brother continued their ski adventure. I cannot begin to describe how much Matt's desire to remain with me, to spend time with me, and to care for me meant to me. I really was touched by his


afternoon when I laid this cute cop I know and his female partner was sitting in the same room with us the whole time, just watching.They were on duty so she was wearing her uniform with her gun and everything and her radio kept crackling. It was so fucking hot for her to be there just sitting in a chair watching me ride him. Her eyes would be on

The punk and me

against my clit as I fucked him senseless. That was the last straw I screamed “IM CUMMING”, as I groaned and I felt his cock starting to swell , as my pussy squeezed and convulsed around his member with my orgasm. I started to ride harder and faster, and I heard a growl as he grabbed my hips and pushed me down hard on him. As we both bucked I

Dirty Girl

at my cock and I increased the tempo. Her eyes closed in ecstasy as I reached up and took a handful of her hair. I lowered my face to her ear and whispered nasty little things to her as I clutched her soft blonde strands, thrusting my pulsing dick into her tight, wet cunt. "Ooooooo," she moaned as she grabbed my ass with both hands pulling

Summer Mornings

regions of her pussy whilst her thumb searched for the nub of her clit. Her pussy was getting wetter with every stroke and her clit began to swell and emerge from its little hood, desperate for her thumb to increase its pressure. With two fingers now she teased the entrance, relishing the heat that was flashing through her innermost being.

Alternative Reality chapter 2

with her story. “Then he said that my grandma took me into her arms and marched across the room cornering my dad by the wall. ‘Losing a partner is hard but it not far to take it out on a young girl who had just lost her mother.” Becky felt respect for Sherry grandmother and smile as a tear slowly ran down her cheek. “Since that moment dad and I

julie - the sex goddess

feel I'm about ready, I tell you and you pull off."She actually licks my cock, has her tongue sort of around it. Then she looks up at me, grins, and sort of shoves me onto my back as she climbs on top of me, getting a leg on each side. She still has hold of my cock and she's sitting up, her bottom almost at my cock. Cripes, she's beautiful. those

The Way of the War pt 6

were immigrants and I grew up on a farm in Upstate New York, German was spoken at home. In High School and College I learned French. I could have been an interpreter, but no not me I wanted to fly. I decided that if I could steal some clothes maybe I could hide out in plain sight. I heard a voice saying “ American pilot come down now... it is

The Skater

daring the other to make the first move.  ‘You have to go first.  You said I have to go home, so I can’t and still see you.’ ‘Fine.’ I muttered, shedding my blouse and then lifting the tank top, letting him take out the perfect gleaming orbs that are the pride of my tumultuous puberty.  My tits are perfect tear-drops, lolling on my chest in

The Price For Being A Bitch — Chapter 2

I started by reviewing videos where I interacted with my husband, starting with our wedding video and including the sex videos where I used a strapon in his ass and where he made the one attempt at anal sex that I had allowed him as a result. I did not like what I saw of my behavior with the new eyes he had given me. The word harpy came to mind.I

The Plumbers Plunger

drabs and  not getting  into the story quick enough for me.I got my chair out from the cellar and sat out in the sun with my sun top on and a very flimsy skirt that one would call just modesty keeping.The sun was bright so I set myself down in a very private part of the garden where I was not overlooked by  any neighbours and settled down to my

Hypnotist Next Door Ch. 06

hips and ass and buried her face in Claudia’s mound. Claudia’s hands sank into Jeanette’s long thick locks as she ground her pubic mound against Jeanette’s face. ‘Jesus, Mom!’ Mark gasped. ‘She looks hot enough without you throwing yourself at her trying to inhale her pussy.’ He watched as his mother hooked her fingers in Claudia’s thong and

The Invitation pt2

was a swing.Steff was first on the swing. She positioned herself in the swing and had Karlee lick her pussy first. The guys laid on the bed stroking their cocks with wide eyes and mounting desire to join in. The dolls put on a show for the guys. Karlee got out a dildo and slowly entered Steff. Still licking her, Steff had her first of many

A teenage boys fantasy comes true

straight, white teeth. I step out of bed wearing nothing but my white boxer shorts and stretch lazily. Hoping nobody is in the hall way I take off the underwear and walk out of my room heading straight for the bathroom to get a shower. But as soon as I stepped out of the door I walk directly into my red headed sister to be, Jessica, who was

Teased and Tormented

around my back for a bit, teasing it, but then he pulled away and then I felt some really hot liquid fall into the small of my back and I froze up. It was really hot, but then it felt as though it was being rubbed into me and the heat felt less intense. I groaned out as strong hands massaged it into me, going up one side of my torso and coming

Las Vegas Part 1

in. The clerk looks us over as we registered. Selene had her arm linked in mine. I registered us father and daughter. “Will your daughter need a key as well?” asked the clerk. She again looked Selene up and down. Selene smiled innocently. “Yes, she will,” I replied. “A reminder that drinking and gaming age is 21 in the state of Nevada,” said the

Sarah – Part Sixteen

the coming summer and for at least a year after that. David and Julie were frantically trying to finish their graduate degree requirements, move things home, find a place to live and plan their wedding. And, Sarah, unfortunately, had to spend a good amount of her vacation time in upstate New York finding a place to live near to her new job.


cheering and jeering by now and they were standing as one homogenous mass of sweaty, animal lust, eyes on stalks and mouths open in anticipation. On the fifth and final burst of trumpet, everyone in the room held their breath and watched in awe as Vanja yanked open the bustier to reveal her magnificent — The lights went out. The crowd went wild.

My Little Witch

completely, was often incapable of getting out of bed, became really depressed first and then occasionally very mean and vicious. Her doctor had explained to me that personality changes weren’t uncommon for that particular type of tumour, but it is one thing knowing that and quite another experiencing it. That wasn’t the worst though. The worst


do you mean?”Torn between a genuine desire to be polite and not wishing to be late for my appointment with a potential landlord, I quickly filled him in on how my flatmate had, without warning, vacated his room and how I now found myself either forced to pay for a double room or to seek out new accommodation. He listened intently, a sympathetic

Found (Chapter Two.)

to lift my wrist out from under the blanket. I can’t help but gasp when I see three black and purple fingerprints documented in plain view on my skin. ‘Damn you,’ I groan, swinging my legs over the edge of the bed, my teeth biting into my bottom lip to prevent me from howling in pain. I use my good hand to balance myself on one foot as I hop

Hermoines School Adventures - Forbidden fun in the Forbidden forest

Arts room to surprisingly find Mr Lupin gathering up his belongings "Hermoine"Professor Lupin announced Hermoine was glad to see Lupin was ok after the events of the night before Hermoine began to askif he was ok "Im fine but i am resigning its the best thing to do" interrupted Lupin Hermoine hugged Lupin in return Lupin breathed in heavily as

Incestuous Flesh Massage Chapter 4: Brother's Incestuous Rescue

hot thrill ran through me as I said that. My orgasms swelled faster. I wanted my brother's cum in me. This yearning ache, more than just my desire to climax, built inside of me. My hips wiggled from side to side, stirring my pussy around my brother's cock. I squeezed around him. I humped back into him. Our flesh slapped together. I moaned,

Cousins — a Tale of Teenage Incest (Part 1)

their towels, and a change of shirt and underwear, went down to the creek, to the bathin hole to get washed up. Once they were working, the ladies could go down in pairs, if they wanted, before time to make lunch. Just so happened that day, I had a reason to go down and get washed up at the bathin hole but no one really wanted to bother coming

A Flogging In Slow-time

Master took his time. He stroked and pinched my clit, tapped on my sweet spot and finger fucked my pussy with his wonderfully expressive and knowing fingers. Occasionally he would reach up and pull, pinch, and twist one nipple or the other. I had been barely able to stand, and kept sinking down, leaning into him. My breasts when I sank down came

The Longing for Leslie

Steve crouched down behind her and gently ran his hands across her ass. He drew a finger up and down her wet slit and watched her lips open up to his touch like a flower. Once again, he bent into her and ran his tongue up her pussy. Leslie moaned with pleasure. Her love button was tight and swollen and begging for his tongue to play with it some

Burning Lust

me. As I do this motion in a rhythm, she began to pull me harder with every thrust. Her moans growing higher then the last. “Oh god!” she yelled as her body vibrated and jerked. I began to move my face down on her big and delicious looking breasts. Utilizing the same system that I used on her clit, I began to lick around her nipple and using the

The Dirty Geyser Man

and front, he was extremely hairy.Before any action took place he looked at me and said, “After two beers, I first need to have a piss, hombre.”I had waited so long for this moment in my life and I wasn’t about to let any part of it escape my skanky imaginings. “I’ll come with you,” I presently responded, to his surprise.As we walked into the

Barbara Runs The Gauntlet Part 3

you can start so, you may make yourself a drink from anything in that cabinet over there while you wait. I shall be back soon.”Mr. Mills then left the office. Barbara opened the liquor cabinet and decided to make herself a vodka tonic. She took her drink and sat back on the couch that was there and thought about the turn her life had taken. She

The Stanley Cup Playoffs

salt and pepper hair, was of average build (slightly overweight) and I could tell he'd been a looker in his younger days. But now, I thought he was a lonely pervert and I felt somewhat sorry for him. We enjoyed the same porn stars so when Will asked to be considered for a date, I have to admit it got me aroused. Anyway, I chose him.When Monday

I fuck my twin sisters

you did, very much. I envy your late husbands because they fucked you and you didn`t have to masturbate. I`ve had to masturbate myself for some time The next evening after our meal and again a lot of wine Kay said "We have been talking over what we did last night and remembered that you said that you envied our husbands because they could fuck

Jack and His Nan, Ch 3

out a pair of sheer ones. Both pairs shipped out that night. And you got them today.” He held his breath waiting for a response. “That’s quite a fascinating story. Now I have one for you. For over a year now, I’ve thought of you in a most un-grandmotherly way. When I thought of you I would get a tingle between legs. When we talked on the phone I

The Visit

his Mistress.After some time of his enjoyable licking and sucking Mistress Naomi got off and removed the suction from his cock, but left the butt plug in place, applying an ice cube to Adam's cock and balls, and after she had reduced the size enough she fitted some sort of cage to his cock, that stopped it growing under the continuing pressure

Excuse Me Miss… Ch. 05

replied, ‘Yes, well Alicia is a smart and capable woman who can fend for herself and what’s it to you if she doesn’t use her grill much? I can honestly say it’s been used by her at least once before I used it.’ Jake was obviously taken aback by this, ‘Whoa man, calm down. I didn’t mean any offense. I love Alicia, but she just doesn’t strike me as

Twenty-five Year Old Virgin (part three)

virgin you may have read about in earlier stories. I’m now twenty-seven. I lost my virginity to my sweet little Jewish girl Debora. Then she left me for her kibbutz. After her I met my darling little hippie girl, Samantha, and we both shared what we knew about sex. I fucked her in the ass for the first time. She was happy to learn that. She moved

Sex With A Stranger - Or Is It?

the Captains smiled at her, AJ finally figured it out. “Liv Granger? You have got to be kidding me.” AJ forgot their positions for a moment and went around the desk and wrapped her arms around Liv. They hadn’t seen each other in many years, and AJ didn’t think they ever would, but she had been wrong. As AJ started to pull back, the perfume that

Spirit Ch. 08

a young man, who had been pushing drugs on a street corner, harassing people around to buy them, which caused a few to call the law on him, and tried to run away when he showed up. Not only the drugs were found, but after handcuffing and searching the young man, he also found an illegal switchblade knife, which had been stashed inside his sock,

Dominion: Chapter 4 - The Power to Rule

it made her gag, and mentally, it made her cry, both the revulsion towards being forced to taste this stranger’s dick and the fact that it was slick with her sister’s arousal and hymen blood. He viciously skull-fucked her, causing her gag reflex to tense and make her salivate. It became a frothy mess that covered her face and mixed with her

The adventures of Dean Roberts: part I

able to unclasp her bra. Rolling her shoulders forward, she shrugged it to the ground and revealing her huge breasts to him. Her tits were huge and were remarkably firm for their size. They stood out proudly from her chest with very little sag, slightly longer than they were round, giving them their distinctive 'twin torpedo' look. Her nipples

My Very First Time - True Story

with the warm water, and laughed and giggled about the great time we had just had.  I told him that I was glad he was my first, and what a great teacher he was.  We got dressed and got back in the car and headed for home.  We arrived at my house just about 10 PM.  Checking to see that there was no one setting on our porch; I then leaned over and

All Strings Attached

she laughed nervously. ‘Not at all,’ he shook his head vigorously, ‘You ladies are a refreshing change of pace.’ Kate smiled, shrugging at the professional athlete that was going out of his way to be nice to her for Kara. As he returned his attentions to Kate’s friend, she couldn’t help but notice the svelte blonde who’d captured Brett’s

Studio Seduction

find listings. That was the first of twelve ads I responded to with cheap rents and immediate results. That ad was the only one that said yes, and within five hours I was packed and in my car heading east. I didn’t have time to think, and that was fine by me. I didn’t want to think any more. I was done with thinking. The drive lasted ten hours

A daughter learns to take care of her father

young lady?” he chuckled. “She’s still your mother, you know.”“I’m in high school, I can’t help it,” she squirmed as he tickled her sides. “Stop, stop, DADDY, stop it!” He laughed but eventually held her loosely and stroked the inside of her leg where his hand ended up. Brenda was surprised that her dad was touching her but she couldn’t bear to

Daddy Marks His Property, Part 2

I wanted. The sharp point of the surgical steel made Stephie jump a little. I quickly withdrew the needle and reminded her to keep still. Shawna offered up, ‘It helps if you don’t touch the skin until you are pushing it into the target. That’s kinda why we use a little topical on the area, too.’ ‘Thanks. I’ll keep the first part in mind.

Without Remorse Ch. 10

snow was starting to fall, swirling around them and making his nose cold, even though he was wrapped up in a thick overcoat and scarf. Walking up the road he looked back at the girl, wondering how in hell she survived outside in the cold, especially at night before he looked forward and started the short walk to the heated office where he worked,

The Naga Roast

couldnt have been much older then herself fully impaled rotating on this spit over the fire, and what shocked Lina most of all is, THESE GIRLS ARE STILL ALIVE!! she shouted to Naga her disbelief, causing the men around them to hear her and charge into the bush after them. Lina jumped up at the sight of the first two men heading her way, HAHAHAHA

The Barbie Lez Fantasies – Week 27: ZOOphilia (Part 1)

bobbed between my breasts. The horny animal was forcing me to give him the first boob job of my life and, against all odds, I was enjoying it. A lot! Fuck it! I eventually muttered as I decided to give in and enjoy every moment of this blissful experience. Faster! I soon begged as my arousal level grew, forcing my blissful moans to grow along

The Wolf's Moon

on and there had been a few he had been on in his short time as the King's warrior.There were other clans that the King had sought help from besides the temple shapeshifters in the forest. They had either agreed to help in the fight with the shadow walkers -which was still in progress- or they had been dealt with however the King had decided to

Maude/Madeleine Part 4

stood in silence as she slipped a fine petticoat down over my undergarments but left my breasts quite naked. She then buttoned me into a dark, red dress that cupped my small bosom, was laced to the waist and flowed to the floor. I was led to the salon. Mistress Pickles introduced me to the other girls, all attired more or less similarly to me

The Keyhole

door."You couldn't have waited one minute? Jesus, I'm stark naked in here." Her mother crouched down and started collecting her clothes off the floor when Steve poked his head around the corner of the door."Hey I heard some yell…" Ayla watched Steve stop mid-sentence with his eyes on the fork of her open legs. His eyes went wide and he pursed his

The interracial Sexual Surrogate Chapter five

it also became a game mostly for them and the ladies, trying to enhance their manly bulge to the most obvious proportions, one that would keep the girls interested guessing ready, and wondering? For Deanna it certainly was the most embarrassing and humiliating public display that had ever happened to her but was much like her fantasys! The sight

Andys Little Story

dildo into your arse as far as it will go and spitting on you while I hiss that you aren’t a real man, you just wish you were. It works a treat and you start to moan loudly as your frothy probably seedless spunk shoots forth and soaks the sheet below. Another dirty reminder of the man that wasn’t all he claimed to be, I think as I climb off the

Flirting 101

down at my desk, towards the back of the lecture hall. This amazing looking girl, walked in a few minutes late, and sat right next to me because that was the only empty seat left. In my head I kind of thanked myself for sitting there. I just wished that I had worn something more attractive than jeans and a huge comfy sweatshirt. At least my hair

dads daughters

that Momma? Yes, baby, now keep licking me. Charlotte moaned and began to suck my clit into her mouth, nibbling on it and flicking her tongue across it. I moaned even louder and began to watch Daddys cock move in and out of her. I looked directly at Daddy, but spoke to Charlotte. Im going to cum. Your tongue is going to make me cum! She flicked

Unwilling Victim of Seduction - 3

stroke my painfully hard cock. Often I can hear Emmie masturbating on the other side of the wall. Often we masturbate together, listening to each other's moans of lust and cries of sexual release. How did I become such a depraved pervert? Oh my dear god... what am I going to do?It was early Saturday afternoon, and Emmie had called me and said she

Another Barrier Broken

over my rational objections saying, “Oh my god, that feels so good.”I hardly ever moan for my husband, but this was different – way different. It seemed my emanations just spurred him on. I don’t know how long he’d been licking me through my panties, but I needed to feel his tongue on my clit. My hand pulled my panties to one side to give him

Welcome to the Neighborhood. Part I

clothes. I was taken aback by this, not failing to notice how her blouse, sans bra, clung to her curves. A couple of hours and three bottles of wine later, we were still in the hot tub when Bobbi announced that she felt too confined and proceeded to take her top off. Sydney and I looked at one another, as Bobbi stated that if a man can appear in

Screwing a student

get home, I said yes. She took her iPad out and started asking questions. I was busy explaining to her when her hand moved to mine and she started moving her fingers across my hands. I was amazed by how relaxing it was feeling, and did not stop her even though I should have. There was always the risk of being caught, as we were in office. Seeing

I Come From An Unusual Family Part 2

in and sat down to eat. While we were there mom asked me if I would look under the table we were sitting at. I looked down and noticed mom had her legs spread and wasn’t wearing any panties under her short skirt. I quickly got back up and noticed a small digital camcorder mom had strategically placed by my sandwich. “What’s this?” I

Hot Spring Surprise

visit. Maybe even spending a couple of days there if he could afford to. Pleasant accommodations were hard to come by since the Fall...His room was pleasant. Top floor in the three-story building with his balcony overlooking the famed spring. The pool was nestled between surrounding rocks and a small waterfall fell into it creating the pleasant

The Fantasy--Part 1 of 3

today?""How about in two hours?" Paul asked."Yes, that would be great," Brandy agreed before she changed her mind."Wear a skirt and plain panties," Paul instructed. "Planned or spontaneous?""Spontaneous.""I assume this is your first time?" "Yes," she admitted."Don't be nervous or embarrassed, Brandy. I am a professional at my trade. Do you want

The Hypogeum Ch. 04-05

farm half a mile away. In the middle of the main room was a circular carving of a horror that haunted the dreams of man since before recorded history began. Several other men, all from powerful families or important in the fields of finance and industry were already in the barn when Sir Nigel entered. He took his place in the line as they each

A Dream Come True-2

decides to be tender and get Ameesha back to square one. She sits down next to Ameesha's head, lifts it up gently and places on her oustretched thigh. Ameesha looks up and when Preity looks into her eyes, she feels a strange kind of attraction towards her. When she looks at her face, Ameesha winks at her and passes on a flying kiss as a signal

Sarah Followed Me - Chapter 2

could think about was how she tasted. I then licked the top of Sarah’s hand that was playing with her clit. It surprised her and her hand stopped moving for a second. I then stuck my tongue between her fingers and the tip touched her clit. Sarah jerked a bit and she slowly moved her hand away. I slowly licked her clit and Sarah moaned some

My Wife arranged a lap dancer for my surprise birthday party

There was no surprise at the response and seconds later my 9" fully erect cock was on display to one and all and my boxers joined my trousers round my knees.The dancer sat back almost mesmerized by the size and girth of my cock then took it in her hand and rubbed it up and down the full length. I again looked out for my wife and again she just


were bouncing up and down, her ass was lifting us both up off the floor and her hips were grinding into me as I ate this very beautiful clean wet cunt! Finally after I don't know how long she lowered her ass and legs back to the floor and pulled my head out from between her legs. She pulled me up to her face and shoved her tongue deep into my

The Weekend – Part Eight

we had overslept. It was too late for breakfast and too early for lunch. We had decided early on that we both wanted to see a little of the city, and this was probably the only chance we would get. After dressing, we grabbed a cab and went into Baltimore. It was still extremely hot and humid, so we opted to do lunch first at an air conditioned,

When the Subs are Ready, the Master Will Cum

us to stop because she was literally out of breath. Sometimes we did. Jamal was relentless, and pushed both of us to our extremes, in more ways than one. He humiliated and abused both of us. He left me in no doubt at all, that I WAS his bitch. And I found myself enjoying it beyond anything I had ever experienced. I lost count of my own

mentoring Brandon - Chapter 16

behind it and opened it a crack. Standing in the hallway was Joe, wiping the sleep from his eyes. As the door opened, he pushed it with his hand an began to walk in."Whoa, Joe, what's the matter?" I asked."What is happening in here? You guys are making too much noise," he answered. "Hey Joe, I'm sorry. You know how it is with sleepover," I

The Middle of Nowhere

by the crispness of the morning air and the peaceful, tranquil life of the country. I watch you out the front window, sitting in the swing. I see your eyes are closed and I hope that it’s because you’re thinking of me. After a few moments, I slowly open the screen door. I’m sure you can hear the squeaking that reminds you it needs to be oiled.

-The Rogue's Harem Book 1, Chapter 3: Jealous Sister

“I didn't want to ruin things with you and Ava. We need her.” Anger flared in me, burning hot, fueled by the image of Katriana and our parents choking in the fire, the flames devouring their flesh. “We can't let her know about us. She won't understand.”“I think she would,” Zanyia said, ears twitching above her tawny hair. “I like her.”“You do?” I

Island Fever Ch. 41

my cock was still hard, and I gently strokedit underneath the jacket I had earlier placed across my lap.My mind began to drift, and I envisioned what it would belike if Trish and Lindsay decided to throw caution to thewind, and make love together right here on the airplane. In my mind's eye, I saw Lindsay climb on top of Trish'slap and straddle

Jack's new life Part 2

kind of pizza he wanted, but stopped herself out of curiosity. She wasn’t sure she wanted to do this, and tried to stop herself but her body wouldn’t let her.She peeked into the bathroom and her Jaw dropped at the sight.Jack was in the shower, playing with himself. His full thick 11” rod standing to attention.“Thank god I bought those clear

A Few Notes from Mindy

how good he is at using it. Don’t judge me. This is what most guys think about when they see a woman and undress her with their eyes. I do the same thing with men. Remember, I still think about sex like a guy. It is just that I am attracted to guys so those are my thoughts. I am very submissive so that when a guy I am attracted pays any attention

Why do fools fall in love…Steven

ambled along with a huge smile on his face. He had always fancied her, but no-one had even gotten close to her because of Jack. ‘What a fool!’ He thought to himself. ‘He lets Laura steal him away from Jacie in one night. Ah well, his loss, my gain.’ “What are you looking so happy about?” The voice startled him, making him stumble. “Ooops,

Papa and Megan-The Conclusion

through my clinched teeth and my knees started to buckle. Her eyes never left mine until she looked directly at my swelling cock just inches in front of her face. Then tenderly, she put both hands around it, pulled it forward a little until it was tenting my shorts and gently kissed the head of it. Again I shuttered, so she instructed me to sit

Finding My First Toy

that it then?" Looking at the thick dildo in my hands I was a little unsure. I looked at him and shrugged, then went back to my inspection.  "I've never done this before. How do I know if it'll feel good?"  I looked back at him and he was looking back at me with laughing eyes. He was laughing at me! I could feel my face turn red. "What?" "Tell

The Way Back Ch. 09

typos or other mistakes. FORTY-TWO I rang the bell at Stephanie Fanshaw’s front door and switched on my recorder. There was a long pause and then the door opened. Stephanie Fanshaw was a striking woman. She was very tall with a thin angular body. She was quite flat-chested but had a waist and hips and a flat bottom which reminded me of anorexic

Uncle Jeff Visits

squirting it right into Uncle Jeff’s mouth and down his throat. Letting out a loud OHHHHHHH. I was alarmed at what I had done, but only for a short time, as I felt him suck harder on my dick to get the rest of the jism out of it, greedily swallowing, realizing that this was what he wanted, to drink my jism. Slowly, Uncle Jeff pulled off of my

New Beginnings

and I was enjoying the feeling immensely. Even though I knew him fairly well, I felt like this was a whole new chapter and I was going to keep looking forward to what might come next. Ending my marriage had been the single most difficult decision I had ever made, but I was ready to move past that and not let it affect the future. I felt like this

Soccer Mom Slave Chapter 3 of 3

Brenda was genuinely afraid when Master took out his knife to cut off her bra and panties, She was sure he would never do anything to harm her, but he had never introduced a weapon into their relationship before. And the flogging, he had never been so brutal. The way he callously left her with nothing to wear on her way home made Brenda feel used

The Succubae Seduction 2: The Twins, Chapter 13

hips ground against his groin. He moaned into their shared kiss as his already stiff member hardened even more.Some portion of his mind noted that the car had stopped. He heard the door open and close. It felt as though a portion of his soul was leaving, but that part of his mind was not the dominant part. Even as he tried to keep track of these

David and Trevor

they seemed to glitter with a hint of love and lust. He stared up at my light chocolate brown eyes, and in this moment, I couldnt help but reach down and caress his beautiful face as he sucked on my seven and a half inch long cock. he made a faint purring sound, sending vibrations along my shaft, and waves of pleasure up my spine. A soft moan

My beginning and pathway to group sex. Part 3

my hips up off the couch until my cunt was level with his cock.   He pulled me onto him and I felt that wonderful probe pushing against me.   He pushed and poked at me a bit until he got his aim right then I felt his knob pushing between my flaps.   The moment of truth.   How would I go? My flaps spread easily enough and I felt his end pressing

Selling her body for art

I pulled out. i rubbed my damp cock all over her face, and then shoved it back into her mouth. This time I pistoned hard and fast until I could feel her retching.I pulled my cock out and let the spit and bile drip out of her mouth and down onto her breasts and belly.'Look at what a mess you made. Don't worry, though. A few days of this and you'll

You Gave Me a Mountain Ch. 01

you gave me a mountain. A mountain that I may never climb. It isn’t a hill any longer. You gave me a mountain this time. I turned sixteen. I still met Sherry from time to time on the sly, hoping we would never be caught. We never did anything but kiss, but I really liked her a lot. One day after school I noticed one of the bullies had Sherry

Glamour Shots, Chapter 3

me to wonder if any major medical studies had ever been done regarding sudden-onset dyslexia. Finally she said “Well, I already have a drink – and it’s an open bar, you know.” Her voice was sexy, low and rich, smooth as silk and soft as velvet, and I was slowly dying. Then a miracle happened; she reached out and saved me, pulling me back from the

Three's A Crowd

starving. I soon let out a louder than normal moan and distributed my cum all over both their tits. Carla’s tits were almost as big as her mother’s but there was something so sensual about the two of them, on their knees cupping their tits with their arms waiting for me to cum all over them.“So you still want your massage?” Pam asked with a

Roberta and Patricks Next Bet – The Alternate Ending

utterly, absolutely, entirely useless king! Holy shit was I in for it now! The king was a nice card but of absolutely no use to me whatever. Patrick’s straight was good enough, and my hope of waving a full house in his face was dashed. Patrick, of course, was grinning like an idiot. “Oh, girl,” he said, “I’m afraid it’s time for a little

Common Interests, Part Two

we worked or even when on break in the small area for us to get away from the hectic schedule of labors and the ever demanding public, much less discuss the forbidden act. So it was that when Brenda asked me to give her a lift on a Friday evening last week that my jaw virtually fell in awe of the simple request spoken in privacy. “Umm,” I

Office Play

and listen and nod his head. Sometimes he’d make a comment.And the worse thing about the whole thing? Usually there was not a single pretty face in the whole group!This time was looking to be the same situation. It was a smaller group, only three women. So far, only two had arrived, one old enough to have been around when the company started 100

A Kind Stranger 4

said a silent thank you to David.James set the statement down and picked up his cup of coffee and walked into the living room and looked out the front picture window. It was going to be a good day, the first cold snap of fall had arrived and a harsh biting wind was blowing hard out of the north. He had checked his schedule for the day a found

K and the Client Ch. 02

hand and then the other between her legs, causing the girl to almost buckle under the pleasure coursing through her body. I watched the girl intently throughout this test. She was perfect. Nervous, acting a little unsure, and sensitive to every touch. ‘You have five minutes left with her.’ I ordered, turning on my stiletto heels and into the

Musical Urge

fuckers. I would love to go on like this, detailing every sexual encounter I had, but that would go on for pages. Ill sum it up to a certain point. After I got done with that group I moved from guy to guy of all sorts of different ages. Some were eight and some were eighty. All were in the fucking mood. I passed by many girls getting their holes

A Good Day At A Bad Job

and for all. The demeaning uniform, the bad pay, rowdy customers and rubbish tips all added up to a job that wasn’t worth it any more. The new manager and all his ‘new’ ideas meant that my friendly diner wasn’t so friendly any more. I sigh, finishing up the cleaning. I wearily climb the stairs towards the staff lockers to clock out and pick up

Abbi, part two

I want this,” and lifted her arms up over her head. I grabbed the hem of her tshirt, pulling it up and off and soon she was yanking my jeans down and taking my cock in her hand. I reached between her legs and fingered her shaved pussy, already wet with desire. We half walked, half fell into my bed, cuddling, rubbing and kissing, she mumbled

Banging In the New Year

and I sat down and Amanda carefully sat in my lap making sure my cock was up between her legs with the tip up showing as she circled her thumb around in the precum seeping out the slit. Jerry and Sharon were soon up on the bed as she spread open for his tongue to prepare her for the fun ahead. He was licking and sucking on her as his hands also

Adventures in Florida - part three

hard to take all the dick I was feeding her. But she tried even as she struggled to breathe. I was fucking her faster now. My cock was so wet, and she was finger fucking me faster in my ass. It would not be long until she got the pleasure of drinking down my milk. Then I spurted and she moaned and grabbed my dick with her hands and pumped it to

Rattling Snakes Cage Ch. 05

mind. Now how about we talk business? I have the goods, at fifty five grand a pound how about we say five hundred and fifty grand.’ ‘How about we say three hundred and two grand? You need to dump it quick. I need to make a decent profit.’ Jerry sat back. ‘It’s quality stuff. I know, and you know, you’ll make a tidy profit on say……four hundred and

The Valedictorian Part Three

I did he reached his arms inside mine and forced my hard away from his cock. He pulled me close, looked down at me and smiled. Well I just had to be close to something this beautiful. He lifted his arms and put them around me once again, this time around my arms and when he pulled me close I was firm against his hard chest. He was hairless and

Broken Kingdom Ch. 04

While Aaron could definitely understand his situation, there was no way he was going to overlook it. ‘For starters, I can’t get a trace of the woman you were with. I found the blood trail of the bodies but not the bodies so I don’t know who you’re talking about. Then we got the fact that you have someone in your head that’s causing these

God is in his kingdom and all is well in the world.

really sorry about. Prologue: Shinji has sunk to a new low At the sterile hospital section of NERV lied Asuka. She stared directly to the ceiling in her comatose state. Just then the door opened and Shinji walked in “Asuka… Asuka, I need you…. Come and help me… Tell me I’m an idiot…” Asuka couldn’t respond, even if she had wanted to. Shinji

Twist of the knife! ch 1.

wanted me to take her, but she knew I needed to savor the moment, as I pulled her shorts and panties from under her ass. Her soaked panties clung to her pussy as I slowly pulled them up her creamy thighs, and I exhaled a shuddering groan when they peeled away, revealing the most beautiful rose I had ever seen!I pulled her shorts and panties off

Dominance Play

coming from behind the gag. “Yes, you love it how I pound your cunt. Don’t you!” Jean-Luc leans back, maintaining his grip and lets go on Dominique’s pussy. On the next clench, it pushes Jean-Luc over the edge and he pumps his cum inside of her. It starts to gush back out as he pulls out of Dominique. He gently lays her back on the bed and takes

The Rock Star

“Love you, Patti.” Oh, two nights earlier, yes, Suzanne and I did get it on that night, and boy was she great. I loved how she loves to “attack” me in bed. We did more then just foreplay. We started it out that way but then we moved on to the good part. Before we knew it, I was as hard and as horny as it could be. I was in her and we were fucking

ANNIE Part 2: Easter

brain tried to work but to no avail. her hands shook. She could not recall one instance when she had ever fooled her mother. "Oh God Annie! What the hell have you done?" Annie looked at her mother with pleading eyes, "please mum, leave it alone. Please" Her mother looked shocked as the extent of her daughters behaviour dawned on her, "That

Sarah’s Savior

over the man and rushing to her best friend and embracing her. ‘What happened? Are you alright?’ Sarah stood there in shock, unable to move. She watched Willem watching her and kept feeling the weight of the man lifting off of her even as she saw him holding him off of his feet to the wall. ‘Willem, what the hell happened?’ Paul said, seeing the

Loretta....Part 1

as beading.”“Oh, I don’t know, Jade seems to do very well out of it and I like most of her work.” She said nothing and blew an imaginary hair impatiently from her face. I could tell that the whole subject of Jade was closed. Hmm…well you can pick your friends..but..“Would you like some coffee? I usually drink espresso.”“Great.”“Milk,

Melissa’s Tribulation part I

in my ass with more force than before and I felt something rip as he did it. I buried my face and screamed into the bed as he ravaged my ass with the sadistic condom. Then he pulled out and pulled off the condom, shoving his dick back in my ass up to my throat it seemed. He fucked me harder than ever, shoving the vibrator deeper and deeper into

Raising Peter(Chapter 1

talk to. When I walked in the house, Dad was setting in the den looking at some papers and watching TV. I spoke as I walked through, he just grunted but never even looked at me. I walked on into the kitchen where Mom was taking dishes out of the dishwasher. I though of this morning greeting with Susan and thought I would try the same with

Ch. 7 – Advanced Education, Honey-Lee

try to loosen up my pussy muscles for the assault that I know is about to come. When it comes, its not nearly as bad as I expected. Mike pulls out quite a bit and when Paul starts pushing in, both well-lubed cocks slide in together. Thats what Im talkin about Paul crows. Yes Man! exults Mike. It hurts at first of course. Ive never been stretched

You Cant Judge a Book By Its Cover – 3

of my cum and brought it to my lips, savoring the taste. She had just left and I missed her already. I had never been with a woman before Jennifer but I was hooked on her sweet pussy. She also took control. I needed to let go somewhere. I ran my household, I paid the bills, fed the kids, took care of the dog, and kept my husband happy in bed. I

Three J's and an S Go Skiing - Day 5, Part 1 - NO SEX IN THIS SEGMENT

driveway back as far as the car. The probe flags tell it when to stop so it doesn't chew up your car. Later another crew will come by and dig out your car.""That's nice of them," said Sara."And they are well paid for it," replied Ron with a chuckle. "It is all part of the yearly fees for these cabins. They end up doing this two or three times

My new client lick my cunt

soon, and i found myself rubbing my cunt and squeezing my nipples. I had my pussy so wet i was dripping down my legs. she arrived right before i squirting and i had to stop, which just made me go crazy. she came in my office and she smiled my pussy the office was full of the aroma. she smiled and sat down we talked and then she said ‘ Im sorry

Brad, The Hypnotist Ch. 05

as he was obviously spilling stream after stream of cum from his black cock into my beautiful daughter’s waiting mouth. He stopped moving and let go of his cock. Sue still had it captured in her mouth and you could see by the way her cheeks would hollow out that she was milking his cock for every drop of cum she could get. Sue even reached up,

The Shoot

was scanning everyone up and down. She barely noticed me as well.I did catch a guy glancing at me occasionally from the corner of my eye. He never made eye contact though. He looked like he was embarrassed or something. Really? He was embarrassed? I was the one standing here naked trying not to look like this was my first time.The older man

A Strange Place Called Florida: The Proper Kind of Stress Relief

she poured on to Lisa's back. As the oil was being pored on to Lisa's back, she noticed that she was starting to sweat from the heat in the room. With enough oil on her back, Lisa felt Eva's hands distribute it all over Lisa's back from her shoulders to her feet. After she was done rubbing Lisa's back, the powerful Eva lifted and flipped Lisa

Escort Services Chapter three

side then?” He wished he had bitten off the words a millisecond later. Lame did not cover it.Shock at his directness registered in her eyes before she recovered and answered.“Well yes, generally I don’t involve a man in my love life…” Her eyes glittered in the reflected lighting of the shops they passed. It made him think of a she devil for some

A Day at the Park

Well I was horny to get my ass fucked. I walked down the path a ways and found a good spot and waited. A younger guy was coming down the trail in jogging shorts. As he got closer I could see he had a hard on already. Good. I turned around and bent over and rubbed my

It was just one of those days ….

up and leave. I loved Greg, and he was supposed to love me. He was supposed to care and I was certainly the only one he was supposed to be treating with his magic stick. Even cloudy with anger I knew how great he had made her feel. I knew how good Greg was and how he knew how to hit every spot. I was usually praising him left, right and centre

A first touch of silk

raise the sexual tension among the mixed group watching TV. We knew exactly what was going on in those bedrooms and were all a bit envious. Before that point, the thought of meeting and even making out with a girl on this ski trip hadn’t occurred to me. However, as the sounds emerged from those closed bedrooms continued, I was envious and wished

Sex and the Extended Family: The Beginning Part 1

even the women way out in the country was wearing them. Rachel bought a closet full of miniskirts and mini-dresses and she was a born and bred farm girl. Robert and Jethro couldn't take their eyes off her beautiful long legs and firm, muscular thighs. They seem to live for the quick glimpses of her panties as she sat and crossed her legs. The

Equal Shares Ch. 08

a printout of a picture e-card, sent from her hotel on Ibiza, from Denise to ‘All at The Firm’. Denise had written, ‘Having a great time, nightlife is wonderful!’ and signed it with a kiss. Elaine pinned it up on the notice board, as was usual for holiday postcards. Stan noticed it as he went for a coffee that morning. He read the card and

Felicity Ch. 37

‘And want to be a mother. Why me?’ ‘You have the best genes and I want the best genes for my child.’ I was sure she had noted my Asian heritage and was not bothered by the possibility of having an Asian looking child. I liked that and I liked her. I nodded and smiled at her as our dinner was placed in front of us. We had both ordered calamari in

A Friendly Massage

mental, at first. As we grew closer our conversations lost all boundaries and we would talk about everything from the details of our sex lives to religion. We also lost most physical boundaries and we would cuddle on the couch watching Blue Planet or some other nature program. I began, slowly but steadily to fall in love with her. I went on dates

My Daughter Cindy Part # 1

to my cock and in turn she pulls hers down too. She lays back into me again and puts her leg up once more. I put my hand back into her again and she's rubbing me too. She moves up a little, pulls my hand out of her pussy and takes my swollen cock and lets it slide on the outside of her very wet slit. I move my hips back and forth rubbing my shaft

Training a Jock Slut Chapter 6

yesterday”, stuttered Brody.What the older man did not know was that his son was feeling uncomfortable because of the large intrusion in his ass. Coach felt it would be particularly scandalous if his slut attended the weekly sermon with his pussy full. He ordered Brody to push a medium-sized butt plug into his hole before pulling on his